ROUTINE Security has thrived in the security industry by using superlative skills to bring you a security service by experienced team of trained and insured Guards.

ROUTINE Security is established in June 2017 and started providing a complete security solutions and offering professionalism, reliability and peace of mind to clients. ROUTINE Security is fast growing company specialising in the provision of Manned Guards, Event, Mobile Patrol, Construction and corporate Security. We only provide qualified and fully trained staffs that have the same customer care skills and approach as we do.

ROUTINE Security invest heavily in our staff to make sure they get the level of service expected by our client’s. Our selection, training and vetting procedures make sure that the individuals we employ are professional and carry out their duties in a way that reflects their training and skills in a positive manner. All our individual receive standard refresher training as appropriate to make sure they are able to deal with the ever changing demands to be found upon the modern security personnel of today.

We are able to respond quickly to customer needs and can customize each assignment individually to our customer’s requirements. ROUTINE Security Services is customer focused and we pride ourselves on delivering quality services that meet our customer’s requirements and expectations. As part of our commitment to quality we will conduct regular satisfaction surveys though out the duration of the agreement to make sure our aims objectives and client requirements are being addressed.

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Routine Security have well experienced, trained management and staff to provide customer-friendly services. We adhere to the BS7499 code of Practice and British Standard that gives recommendations for the management, staffing and operation of an organisation delivering our range of services according to client needs as well as the BS7858 standard for the screening of those working in various environment.


Mariam Mustafa

They are very professional and reliable. Excellent customer service with good care. Highly recommended.


Madiha Noureen

As an employee, I found here good communication skills in problem-solving techniques while working in team. 

Muhammad Imran

It is professionally oriented, reliable and believe on strong team work. Great services with feelings of part of home while serving customers or clients.


Highly recommended in anyway.They’re professional and well groomed people.

Maani Dilwala

Very professional, great management skills, outstanding services and always ready to face jee Challenges and tasks. Excellent customer Service and care. Trustable Business.

Azhar Bhatti

Excellent business, professional and competent. Recommended for future... 👍👍

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