We deliver cost effective and complete security solutions if your property is Vacant.

Empty buildings constructions/houses/shops are more susceptible to internal and external threats, potentially resulting in costly damage. Routine Security will keep your premises safe and protected.

We provide vacant property security across the UK; we establish close relations with our existing and new clients to understand their preferences and requirements. This allows us to develop solutions with their plans for the premises and their exclusive technique of working. Our tailored approach can be useful to working with estate agents, developers, investors, care home operators, housing associations and local councils. When it comes to securing vacant property, Routine always provides a bespoke security approach.

We secure your premises from the time it becomes empty; we provide 24/7 security until your construction completed, new tenants move in or the sale is completed. Are you looking for to secure your empty property? Please get in touch with one of our dedicated members of staff for a quote.


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